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If you’ve ever watched the Food Network Channel, or any other food channels, you’ve probably seen chefs tasting foods… blindfolded. It’s a contest and they’re trying to prove how good their palate is, and to maybe show off a little. You’d be surprised to see how many of the top chefs can’t get all of the foods right. Their surprise seems to be as intense as their embarrassment.

The game goes like this: Put bites of food out and feed them to your blindfolded friends one by one.  Give them a little time to see if they can tell you what they’re eating, and don’t let them touch! Don’t let your other friends watch or hear what’s going on. Let them watch TV or belly up to the bar while each is waiting his or her turn. And give them all the same foods to taste! Once they’ve taken the test and been scored, they can hang around to watch the next victims. Tally the scores and everyone can help when you put the full portions together and make something to eat!

We’re going to give you some examples of what you can use for testing food and then put together to make a great chicken salad. Chicken salad can be a sort of kitchen-sink recipes where everything goes in. Or it can be specific. This one is a little of both.

First, you need the chicken. Either buy one already cooked, or buy pieces and poach them in chicken stock. This doesn’t take long, even if the chicken pieces are frozen. Cut into them to make sure they’re cooked and there’s no pink showing. Chicken, with nothing on it, tastes a little bland. So you can use bites of it in the game. You want it chilled, so once you’ve sliced or shredded or just cut it up, put it in the refrigerator for a little bit.

Chop up some celery. And some raw zucchini. A lot of people won’t guess right on these, either, and then you can toss it all into the salad. Grapes, too.

Ever had a craisin? It’s a dried cranberry and tastes a little like a raisin. They’re very good and will probably stump your guests. It’ll be delicious in the salad.

Chop up bites of apple. Most people will figure this one out, but it’s nice to let them get one or two right. Throw in some walnuts or almonds. Or put both in the game and both, or one, in the salad.

The dressing can be practically anything. Russian, bleu cheese, mayonnaise with lemon, or bottled-whatever-you-find. It doesn’t have to be fancy Russian, just mix mayonnaise with ketchup. Stop adding when it’s a nice pale pink color.

You don’t have to cook anything if you just want to play. Think of foods that will confuse your friends. From cookies to different kinds of pastas. Then you can order in a pizza. And the winner is exempt from cleaning up the mess. Or just gets to go home with bragging rights. This is also a good way to get kids to try to eat something new. They like playing games and they like playing with food. Perfect!

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