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Provide the upscale experience you never thought you’d find in a mobile restroom.

Luxury mobile restrooms and shower trailers designed to WOW.
Experience trailers that offer high quality, sanitary conditions, backed by a committed customer care team by your side, and 24/7 availability for emergencies.

Our luxury trailer units are ideal for:

  • Weddings and outdoor events
  • Office and home renovations
  • Construction sites
  • Movie production sites
  • Music festivals
  • Emergency response support
  • Disaster relief base camps

Want to know more about our available trailers?

Check out our selection below.

3-Station Deluxe Restroom Trailer

Our 14-foot long, deluxe 3-station unisex mobile restroom facility is the ideal size for events of up to 200 attendants.

3-Station Restroom Trailer

Full Details Coming Soon!

8-Station Restroom Trailer

Image and Full Details Coming Soon!

8-Station ADA Restroom Trailer

Our 28-foot long, ADA compliant and family-friendly portable luxury restroom trailers are equipped to serve individuals…

10-Station ADA Restroom Trailer

Our 32-foot long 10-station ADA restroom facility is built with attention to detail that provides style with a comfortable experience.

12 Station Shower Trailer

Our 12-station mobile shower trailer offers 12 private, individual stalls with bench dressing area. Both men and women’s rooms feature 6-shower stalls.

Potable Water Truck

Our 2000 gallon water truck is a dependable source of clean water for any outdoor occasion. We rent our water trucks to fit your unique needs, whether it be for:
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Emergency response support
  • Disaster relief support