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Community Memorial Hospital Event renting our 8-Station ADA Restroom Trailer

Upgrading your space doesn’t have to mean downgrading your client experience.

Full service luxury mobile restrooms for building renovations and construction sites.

While we can’t promise our mobile restrooms feel quite as comfortable as home, they come pretty close.

After all, nothing says “we appreciate you” to your visitors like forcing them to do their business in a hot smelly tube, right?


Whether you need ADA-compliant restrooms for a few days while renovating or full-service shower facilities for months on a remote construction site, don’t be tempted to settle.

Why go for a luxury restroom trailer?

  • Provide your clients and visitors with familiar commercial bathroom comforts such as glass mirrors, hardwood finishes, and no smell.
  • Go beyond ADA-compliant to flushing toilets, real sinks, climate control, and more.
  • Get expert advice picking exactly what you need for your budget, timeline, and location.
  • Clear, transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprise servicing costs.
  • On-call support for your rental period to support you with anything else you need.

Renting for more than a few months? Enjoy discounts on your long-term rental!

Ready to provide your clients with the bathroom experience they deserve? Click below to get started.

Give your guests so much more than just a toilet—give them an experience they’ll remember.

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