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Charity Events

Whether At The Beach, At The Winery, On A Ranch Or Simply In Your Backyard Our
Deluxe Portable Restrooms Are Perfect For Any Outdoor Location.

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Portable Restroom Trailer for your Charity Event

Major Event Trailer is honored to support and be a part of some of the most cause worthy charity events in Southern California. Inevitably, we have a lot of fun! We have met some wonderful event coordinators, party planners and even a few entertainers.

Our luxury restroom trailers have been setup in some gorgeous, even majestic locations. Though, however beautiful, they are often nestled in remote locations, lacking accommodations. With our knowledgeable team providing recommendations for site location setup and having a variety selection of portable restroom trailers and mobile shower trailers to choose from – we give you a number of possibilities with styles and sizes that would be perfect for your event.

Our deluxe portable restrooms and shower trailers will fit right in with your charity event, seamlessly. Whether it be a…

We have a selection of sizes and styles for your event to accommodate small and large events.

Remote locations may not have bathroom or shower facilities available. Major Event Trailers will help provide a comfortable experience for your event! We will be there on time, providing superior equipment with knowledgeable, courteous and professional service.

A few tips to help determine which trailer will work best for your event:

Tips for Renting a Restroom Trailer for your Charity Event

Schedule your rental in advance. If your renting during the busy wedding season, April – October, you’re going to want to book at least 5-6 months in advance.

Make sure your location can accommodate a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are as big as an RV, they’re very tall and can easily be scratched by branches and may not have clearance under some tree limbs.

Have a good estimation of how many restroom users there will be and if they have special bathroom needs. A restroom trailer is equipped with self-contained water supply and waste storage; however, the number of guests you are expecting determines the tank capacity size required. If a water source is not available, you do not want to take the chance of running out of water.

Make sure you have the proper electrical hookups for the trailer. Proper hookups are required for full function of trailer. A generator can be rented with the trailer if power is unavailable.

So, remember, before you rent, ask our knowledgeable staff what you need to do to make sure your trailer is right for your location. This way, your “trailer rental” for your outdoor event, will be as successful as the fundraiser or benefit event!”

Give your guests so much more than just a toilet—rent water trucks from Major Event Trailers and give them an experience they’ll remember.

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