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Ventura’s CMH celebrates new parking structure completion!

“This event was to celebrate a milestone in the building of the new CMH, the Midtown Parking Garage. The garage will service patrons of the local businesses and hospital visitors. Friends, neighbors and supporters of the hospital were invited to join in the festivities. We had great food from Yolanda’s and Scooters BBQ with drinks from MadeWest Brewing Company and Gone West Cellars. The Ventura Chamber of Commerce conducted a ribbon cutting to honor this event.” – Lindsey K. Stetson

The completion of the CMH Midtown Parking Structure off Brent Street was a milestone in Ventura’s rapidly growing history. The garage with its 571 spaces will provide much-needed parking spaces for hospital visitors and patrons of the nearby local businesses. You might be interested to know that the 180,500 square-foot structure was built through a partnership with the city of Ventura providing the land and CMH paying about $12 million to foot the bill. An end is in sight for endlessly circling blocks to find a legal place to park.

At Major Event Trailers, we are big proponents of partnering with local businesses. Being engaged for this important event was a perfect example for us.

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